Q: Do Patio Covers/Sunrooms require a permit?
A: All Cities/Counties are different - you must check with your local municipality to know for sure. If a permit is required, we will obtain the permit on your behalf and add the cost of the permit to your final invoice.
Q: Can you hear the rain hitting on the cover?
A: In most cases "no" unless the rain is coming down really hard and you are standing nearby.
Q: I live in a windy area - how will the cover stand up to wind?
A: The covers can withstand winds up to 90 miles per hour.
Q: What kind of Warranty does the cover have?
A: The cover has a lifetime warranty on the finish and against rusting & peeling.
Q: Can covers be freestanding in the middle of my yard?
A: Yes, freestanding covers are very sturdy, and can be anchored in to concrete footings.
Q: Do the covers come in colors other than white?
A: Yes, 6 other colors - you can choose one color or a combination of colors.
Q: Once we sign the contract how long will it take to get it installed?
A: Usually within 2-3 weeks - it depends on the manufacture, but the turn around time is usually pretty quick.
Q: Can I buy the materials and install it ourselves?
A: Yes - please complete the on-line quote form - we will get back to you ASAP with a figure for materials based on your answers to the questions on the form.
Q: Are you licensed/insured?
A: Yes, we are.
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