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Sunrooms are a great investment in your home, and will be enjoyed every day.  If you are interested in increasing the value of your house while enjoying the benefits of a multipurpose, sun-filled room then you should consider building a solarium or sunroom addition to your home. Sunrooms, solariums, garden rooms, and conservatories are primarily glass constructed rooms that can be enclosed with screens and used during nice weather, or they can be year round enclosures.
Sunrooms come in many different styles and sizes. They create extra living space for your family and also allow you to enjoy the wonders of nature from within the walls of your home. Adding visible light by means of a sunroom not only embraces the warmth of your mood, but also adds a new dimension of space within your home. has provided our users with many sunrooms resources that cover all aspects of residential sunrooms:
Sunroom materials such as Aluminum, Vinyl (PVC), and Wood species such as cedar.
Full Glass Sunrooms and Partial Glass Sunrooms
Glass options for your sunroom such as Low-E (Low Emissive) Glass, Glazing (Single, Double, and Triple Glazing), and Tinted Glass.
Screened Rooms and Screen Porches.
Sunroom Photo Gallery filled with images of the many different styles and designs of sunrooms, solariums, lanai, florid room, and conservatories.
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